About Us

         SVR United Group was established in 2012 to provide opportunity and challenges to people, to serve the society and provide excellent service to the clients. SVR United Group is an agglomerate of group of companies. SVR United Group has a strong administration working in different sections of the company to meet our customers’ requirements in time. The Group has diversified its Businesses in the field of Information Technology, Consulting, Outsourcing, Financial, Educational and Manufacturing Sector.

Brief History
SVR United Group came into existence in February 2012 when five friends thought of an idea of saving a small amount in one of their friends account on monthly basis. They formed a team and had an open discussion on their ideas of starting something to achieve their business goals and dreams. As new members joined the team new fresh ideas, their experience and contributions made SVR United Group more successful every year. Today SVR United Group has bigger team and a very strong administration to work and support the Companies of Group. SVR United Group works on the concept of Initiative, Commitment, Leadership and Team work. Everybody associated with the Group practices them to support the companies of SVR United Group. The name of the Group was chosen to show Unity among the team members to work as one Team, helping each other and accomplishing the Goals of the company. The team members are very proud to say today SVR (Yes We Are) United.

We are happy to have discussion with you.